MN558 MN501 MN550 MN514 MN502 MN505
MN564 MN566 MN460 MN460 MN463 MN465
MN470 MN473 MN450 MN452 MN355 MN363
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MN350 MN356 MN327 MN325 MN606 MN552
MN240 MN220 MN204 MN205 MN574 MN605
MN718 MN730 MN740 MN040 MN041 MN400
MN043 MN680 MN650 MN660 MN715 MN700
  Mission Statement
Designing Your Component
Custom-Made Transformers and Inductors
Other Electronic Components
MN204 AC Current Sense Transformers
MN205 AC Current Sense Transformers
MN220 AC Current Sense Transformers
MN240 High Frequency Current Sensing Inductors
MN325 Common Mode Filters, Horizontal
MN327 Common Mode Filters, Vertical Mount
MN350 Small Toroidal Inductors
MN355 Inductors, Swinging
MN356 Toroidal Power Inductors
MN363 High Efficiency Toroidal Inductors
MN400 Ferrite Coilforms
MN450 Economy Inductors
MN452 High Current Inductors
MN460 Axial Large Ferrite Inductors
MN461 Axial Ferrite Inductors
MN463 High Current Ferrite Inductors
MN465 High Q Flat Packs
MN470 Small Power Inductors
MN473 Power Inductors
MN501 Inductors, Surface Mount, Power Mini
MN502 Inductors, Surface Mount, Power Midi
MN505 Inductors, Surface Mount, Power Tall
MN509 Shielded Power Inductors
MN514 Inductors, Surface Mount, Power Max
MN550 Inductors, Surface Mount, Toroidal
MN552 Common Mode Filters, Surface Mount
MN558 Transformers, Surface Mount
MN564 Inductors, Surface Mount
MN566 Inductors, Surface Mount
MN574 Pulse Transformers
MN603 International 50/60 Hz Transformers
MN605 50/60 Hz Power Transformers
MN606 Common Mode Transformers
MN650 EFD, Standard Custom Packages
MN660 EP, Standard Custom Packages
MN680 ER, Standard Custom Packages
MN700 ETD Power Transformers
MN715 Standard Headers
MN718 Pot Core, Matching Transformers
MN730 Switch Mode, Power Transformers
MN740 RM Rectangular Modular Transformers
SCT-0750 Energy Monitoring Current Sensors
SCT-1250 Energy Monitoring Current Sensors
All specifications are subject to change without notice Can be customized to your specific application
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