We are happy to share our 25+ years  of experience specializing in the provision of high quality low cost magnetic components and manufacturing services. Our expertise in offshore electronic assembly, contract manufacturing and custom products is of particular interest to companies with a labor-intensive part or sub-assembly, facing competition and looking to reduce labor costs. Manutech is ISO 9001:2008 certified, providing quality products and services complimented by a culture of integrity and track record of delivery.

The Manutech global network consists of our manufacturing home in Haiti with offices and subsidiaries in the U.S. and Europe. Our corporate sales office is located in Miami. We foster job creation in Haiti. We serve customers worldwide.

Contact us. Meet our team we welcome the opportunity to service your needs.

Manutech, Inc

Corporate Miami Office:

7901 NW 67th Street,

Miami, FL 33166


Manufacturing Facility:

Route de l’Aeroport

#2 Rue des Nimes

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Phone number: (305) 888-2800

Fax number: (305) 888-2628


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