Our product range includes transformers (power transformers, flyback transformers, audio transformers, tunable rf transformers, current sense transformers) high frequency magnetics, chokes and inductors, solenoids, wire harness electromechanical assemblies, and a wide range of custom products. 

We wind using the full gamut of wires and techniques available on the market for the latest transformer designs. From fine 40 AWG wire, to heave 8 AWG round, or square magnet wires. Whether you need a very high number of turns of a single gauge with the most automated high speed winding equipment or lower number of turns with a heavier gauge done manually for complex tapping it’s all within our wheelhouse. If you need special winding for your bobbins or cores, we do Wet winding, Pie (universal) winding, hand winding, dereeled winding, or for higher volume jobs we use semi automatic and fully automatic 8 head winding equipment.  

Price positioned to outbid traditional offshore facilities (i.e China, Mexico); this combined with duty or tariff free imports, proximity and transportation advantages of being so close to the U.S. makes working with us for any labor-intensive assembly work the best match for outsourcing your manufacturing needs. 

We actively add new capabilities to our factory as well as continually improve on existing capabilities, to provide you superior turnkey services for board assemblies. For example, added injection molding and over molding capabilities, as well as recently acquiring a 5th Voltech AT5600 tester to continue to provide customers with the best quality. 

As trends shift from Chinese sourcing to near shoring of high volume needs for some industries, we also added automatic multi-head machines for winding and soldering the higher volume requirements.



Custom Products

Solar Charge Control



Caddell-Burns TM

Contract Manufacturing

  • Low-cost assembly service in the Americas
  • Sub contract assemblies
  • Injection molding 
  • Custom coil winding
  • Custom RF and Power magnetics
  • Toroid magnetics
  • Chokes
  • Common mode chokes
  • Baluns
  • RF Coils
  • Coil radio frequency
  • Power applications
  • Electronic components
  • Custom magnetic components
  • Switch mode magnetics
  • Switch mode transformers
  • Power trigger audio and Pulse transformers
  • Power inductors
  • Telecommunications transformers
  • Filter inductors
  • Laminated transformers
  • Reactor
  • Miniature high current chokes
  • High-frequency transformersAir coils
  • Pulse transformers
  • Isolation transformers
  • Gate drive transformers
  • Flat wire inductors
  • Rfdi antenna
  • Emi/rfi suppressors
  • Wire cutting prepping serivces
  • Flat wire inductor custom magnetics
  • Custom step/control transformers
  • Prototype
  • And More!

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